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This protest against government measures savings Cameron was the largest since the rejection of the Iraq war in 2003.

England took to the streets en masse on Saturday not to cruelly imposed austerity measures the government, say, an event unprecedented since the one against the Iraq war in a demonstration great lack of social custom.

"We are very happy: there are hundreds of thousands of people, perhaps half a million, welcomed Paul Nowak, an official of the organization A spokesman for the Association of British trade unions, Trades Union Congress (TUC), said." Between 250,000 and 300,000 people "there are meeting in the absence of police review.

States who dreamed of making this day a milestone in the mobilization of savings policy, because it has allegedly received the award. "This is the biggest event in London for generations," said the Secretary General of the Unite union, Len McCluskey. "There is a noticeable anger in this country."

This meeting is the largest in the British capital since the war against Iraq, which had gathered nearly a million people and a broader social movement since the riots two decades ago, which precipitated the downfall of Margaret Thatcher.

The unions have joined forces in the fall, and hundreds of charter buses and trains mobilized to transport dozens of protesters. A large police presence was established by the TUC, in addition to 4,500 police officers were on duty, not the excesses of the student demonstrations in the autumn of this year that Britain was shocked to revive.

Several fights

Clashes also broke in March of this year. Bully act, often masked and waving flags and red, black, with guns and smashed glass bottles in the stores and banks and attacked the windows to the Oxford Street, the major shopping street. tubers was filled with ammonia also thrown at the police station, police said. Television showed images of rioters throwing projectiles against Ritz.

Parade itself runs it in a friendly atmosphere. Many came with families, train and vuvuzelas, used the famous horn of fans at football World Cup in South Africa. Scotland play the bagpipes and the musicians and dancers have the march to the carnival atmosphere.

The procession passed by the Parliament and residence of Prime Minister David Cameron greeted with derision before Hyde Park for a rally. "Do not break the British," "The defense of our public services!" Proclaimed the banners lead.

"I'm here because the government wants to pay that we fix what the poorer his banker. The attempt to create a company to build where the rich get poorer and the poor," said Gillian Siddons, a retired 60 years . The government imposed a state of unprecedented severity rate, with a button to freeze the salaries of officials and the elimination of more than 300,000 jobs in the public sector.

"Making Of course, the people are worried and angry at times, but we inherit the economic situation, we must take action to control the public finances back into balance," Education Minister Michael Gove argued. Obviously, without a hearing.

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