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This morning, Tom Martin a plumber in the middle of the morning, it was as an accountant. All afternoon he was busy research and development and ended his days focusing on a purchase. Like many small business owners, Tom Martin has many hats worn during a typical day. In 1969 he bought his first Taco Box restaurant. A few years later he opened a second, then third. Today he operates Taco Box in Clovis and Portales, NM Business is good, but Martin thinks it would be better.
Despite all its responsibilities Martin has recently begun to focus on restaurants in the new marketing mode. "For 20 years I worked with a local advertising agency buying radio spots and advertisements in the mass. We have collected birthday club and had a few addresses of customers, but the account manager does not know how to operate," said Martin.

He continued: "I heard this quote" Half the money is spent on advertising waste, I do not know which half "We have never seen in a position to track results of our advertising dollars were .. I know it a better way, but because we are busy managing the memory, I never had time to go and find another restaurant marketing system to try. "

Over the years, Martin has followed purchased a book market, a number of restaurants and restaurant, a number of marketing professors. "I'm always skeptical, some say they get rich overnight. I tend to, a hard worker and building our enterprise products are a fair and orderly," said Martin.

Martin has specialized recently began working with the Restaurant Marketing Group to help the restaurant, can build a sound marketing pursued by the software on the market. "I like the philosophy they use a systematic approach to marketing. I have," said coach Martin Restaurant Marketing to help launch the building structure and the database.

RMG provides marketing software that makes it easy for Martin to collect and manage the database. In the case of Martin, he has a marketing staff in part-time office work. Part of his job is to enter data into the system. He is, as this easy to use surprise.

In a typical restaurant, spent 30 percent of consumers 70 percent of the company. A goal by Martin's offer to existing customers to increase the frequency of visiting the restaurant to grow. He wants to increase the size of the group clients to visit them to spend more money if it by building a database of regular customers and working to provide the benefits of loyal customers, Martin began his target through marketing software for restaurants.

In addition, Martin wants to encourage new customers to come his shop. "With the help of the I RMG proposes a new movement in the program.'s Clovis, a military town, so there is high turnover. Moved to our new program offering them free food as an incentive for customers. Or they come with a parent or friend or just a part of their free meal, I like to feel the winner. National fast food chain has lost another, I will see it and feel the difference that we offer. Research Previous work has shown that people place in our region more than two years above the national chain Taco Box. This does not apply to those that occur in the new community. they must first try with us, may keep before Taco Box, "said Martin.

RMG has a restaurant for marketing weekly training Martin. During a phone interview, Martin and coaches develop the details of the upcoming campaign. In addition, move the new to the field, Martin has a Boxpitality club invited to the concept of the VIP Club, where guests, complete with information cards are their birthdays and anniversaries. As a member, they offered free products on their special day and get more offers during the year repaid.

"My coach is a professional and really understand marketing. In addition to coaching, one thing I like most is on the system of Restaurant Marketing Group, that it is fully responsible. Repaid by providing time-sensitive offers, I know that in a short time to recover as profitable promotions and, on my investment in marketing, "added Martin.

He continued: "At this stage of my career after 35 years building my business, I have had a shot in the arm, I think I've found that RMG's system, I can not believe everything that the idea of creation of a new campaign was presented to me ... After the move, and we Boxpitality Club ground, we add another campaign. "

Martin has set up an exit strategy and planning have in life until his retirement in six years. Before him, he wanted to see how far he can build a company with a good marketing plan and a little help from those in RMG


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hmm...fastfood looks beautiful outside but, terrible inside...
i suggest to not eat toomuch fast food
nice share

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